StyleHacks, a voice-powered search tool funded by Google, is launching its voice-enabled style advice for mobile and tablets. The tool had previously only been offered on Home Hubs.

The tool comes from AI company Epytom, developed to allow Google Assistant to provide users style advice using factors such as local weather, personal tastes and recent trends to determine advice.

Users can activate the tool through asking their device, “talk to StyleHacks” and then ask for advice and view the style suggestions looks on the screen. They can also use the tool to email outfits for future reference.

Epytom uses data from over 550 influencers to feed into the AI for giving advice. These influencers also contribute visual content to the service.

"Our mission is to empower users to take back control of their styles and wardrobes, and we are excited to see the number of conversations with StyleHacks doubling every other day," Epytom's founder and CEO Anastasia Sartan told WWD.

StyleHacks currently has close to 110,000 monthly users. The aim of the tool is to help people receive style advice in a convenient way.

Epytom also plans to introduce a conversational shopping feature to StyleHacks in April. This will allow consumer to source looks and items from participating retailers.


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