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Weekly footfall increases for retail parks after train strikes wrap up

By Rachel Douglass


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Durham high street, UK. Image: Unsplash

Footfall across the UK picked up in week six after train strikes across the country wrapped up.

According to MRI software company Springboard, the region’s weekly benchmark came in at a positive 0.9 percent week-on-week for retail parks.

The firm noted that the week prior was hit by a series of train strikes across the region, impacting footfall levels due to limiting access to various retail destinations.

For this week, however, Springboard also stated that the wrapping up of rail strikes had also resulted in a boost for city centres, as office workers returned.

This, in turn, lifted central London’s ‘back to office’ benchmark up annually, the report added.

Increases had also been seen in other destination types, including high streets.

The report came just weeks after Springboard posted a positive rise in footfall throughout January, with an increase of 10.7 percent YoY, up from 9.9 percent in December 2022.

In comparison to pre-pandemic levels, however, the firm added that footfall in January had “widened” and was minus 12.3 percent below levels in 2019.

Shopper levels had also dropped minus 15.8 percent for high streets and minus 16.2 percent in shopping centres.