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Wildberries extends its online reach to Poland

By Prachi Singh


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Russia’s leading online retailer Wildberries has announced its entry into the European market. In January 2020, Wildberries started its sales in Poland. The company said in a statement that buyers can order goods from its website Wildberries.eu. Wildberries will open about 100 branded pick up points in Poland.

“Poland was chosen as the first country to enter into the EU market not by chance. The country has interesting geographical location, local e-commerce market is growing with fast pace, and people in Poland are open to online shopping. We will improve our service according the peculiarities of the country, we will open pick up points in the most convenient locations for our customers,” said Vyacheslav Ivashchenko, Development Director of Wildberries.

Currently, more than 13.5 thousand brands are available for ordering on the company’s website, where buyers can purchase women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and toys. In the future, the company plans to expand the products basket with assortment from Russia and other countries. Currently Wildberries operates in six countries including Russia, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Founded in 2004, the company’s overall sales exceeded 3.1 billion euros, up 94 percent in 2019. About 750,000 orders on average a day proceeds at Wildberries and the company has about 6000 pickup points with fitting rooms, where customers can try the clothes and return if they don’t fit.