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WomenServe launch online holiday shop to fight gender inequality

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: WomenServe

Nonprofit WomenServe have launched an online holiday shop in collaboration with the Thar Artisan Collective, in order to fight gender inequality in Rajasthan, India.

Its shop for a cause website will see 100 percent of the proceeds donated to funding programs in water security, health and education. It aims to promote gender equality through these programs, and empower girls and women living in Rajasthan.

Featured on the shop are products by the Thar Artisan Collective, which is a program that seeks to give women economic empowerment. The Thar Artisan Collective also provides training programs in order to give women the skills they need to sell their own self-crafted goods.

The clothing, accessories and home goods - made by a range of different artisan groups - are also focused on sustainability. Many of the items use upcycled and recycled materials.

WomenServe has helped to save 318,000 hours of walking for water in 2020 through its mission to increase water access for rural communities in Rajasthan. It has also built 49 schools and community toilets, engaged 108 women in income-generating activities through the Thar Artisan Collective.

“Women and girls walk up to 10 hours a day to collect water in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. This robs girls of education, women of economic opportunity, and greatly affects the health and hygiene of women and their families,” said Nioma Sadler, founder of WomenServe. “We are thrilled to add the WomenServe shop to our fundraising efforts to bring water security and gender equality in the communities we serve.”