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Zilver opens first flagship in London

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Zilver

Sustainable fashion label Zilver, founded by Pedro Lourenço, has opened its first flagship store in London, following the success of its pop-up in the capital in October 2021.

Located at 19 Air Street, the Zilver store has been designed with a sustainable ethos throughout, including a vertical living garden gracing the exterior and recycled aluminium columns framing the entrance to introduce the label's aesthetic.

Commenting on the store opening, Zilver founder and creative director, Lourenço said in a statement: “One of the most exciting things about the store and what has fulfilled the whole process is the idea of the vertical garden. Our cities need a new way of thinking. Fashion is such a polluter, and while we do have a very strong commitment to sustainability, we wanted to contribute something to Soho, an area that doesn’t have much greenery.

“The shop represents a momentous stage for the brand. After testing the retail experience, we understand that the products attract enough attention to warrant a store. It happened organically. Our pop-up was an organic trial, and it gave the customers a chance to connect with the brand beyond the digital world. We live in such a digital world, and everything is focused on shopping online; there’s something grounding about being able to experience and try on clothes in a physical space.”

Image: Zilver

The store launches with the label’s spring/summer 2022 ‘Virgo 1’ collection, described by Zilver as “clinical, galactical, sharp and calls upon references including but not limited to astronaut uniforms, coding, and orthopaedic braces”.

Highlights include graphic pieces appearing in the form of a space-informed tech-jersey, off white and black tech pants with exaggerated pockets inspired by NASA uniforms, and shiny white midi-dresses complement Zilver’s signature and updated jacket and the trouser-skirt.

Image: Zilver
Image: Zilver