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Sustainable fashion news section launched to share knowledge in the industry

By FashionUnited PR


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Image Credit: Canva

As demand for sustainable fashion continues to grow, increasingly more organizations, including federations, fashion weeks, luxury houses, and fast fashion brands are challenged to adjust their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and transparency accordingly.

Social and environmental sustainability in fashion sheds light on several issues, ranging from overproduction and brand pollution to poor conditions faced by many garment workers. For this reason, independent fashion organizations such as: Clean Clothes Campaign, Fashion for Good, Remake, and Fashion Revolution have taken it upon themselves to bring attention to the urgency of such issues. This collective action is driving a massive transformation in the fashion sector towards circularity, which is ultimately shaping the fashion news agenda of media platforms.

Given the relevance of this topic, FashionUnited has launched a dedicated page to provide professionals and businesses with an overview of the latest news in sustainability. The new section will provide readers with easy access to all the most relevant news that cohesively spans sustainable fabrics, new regulation and legislation, resources, circular fashion, and greenwashing, among other topics.

As a leading B2B fashion platform connecting over one million industry professionals monthly, the new dedicated sustainability page will become the go-to place for professionals to explore the latest trends, developments, and news concerning sustainable fashion to ensure they are up-to-date with the fast-evolving sector.

As the international B2B network continues to grow, FashionUnited has an important responsibility to highlight these crucial issues to improve transparency in the fashion industry. Consequently, awareness on sustainability and circularity is more important than ever, as current business practices are enormously compromising the natural environment and the living conditions of all the people that make up the fashion industry.

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