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Modefabriek: Discover these new brands!

By Press Club


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Credits: Modefabriek

Next week, January 21 + 22, 2024 - it's time again for Modefabriek, where you can gather inspiration for the winter season 2024-2025. At the RAI in Amsterdam, you'll find more than 380 collections from Dutch and international women's brands, explore trends and colors for the new season, and gain new knowledge and insights during the Talks. This edition of Modefabriek focuses entirely on women, bringing not only fashion brands but also beautiful brands in accessories, skincare, and lifestyle. We've already selected ten brands making their debut at Modefabriek this season.

Responsible Route

On the Responsible Route with sustainable brands, you'll find, among others, the Danish luxury fashion brand About Aiayu. Characterized by handmade knits and natural color usage, the collection recently expanded with custom-made pieces and unisex styles. The design philosophy emphasizes long lifespan, repairability, and full recyclability. Among the Responsible Route is also the Dutch women's brand Lune Active. The timeless collection is a mix of sportswear and daywear, with unique fabrics providing high quality and a luxurious feel for a timeless activewear look.

Credits: Modefabriek

Athleisure and Feelgood Wear

Dutch brand Deblon Sports focuses on luxury athleisure with stylish, feminine designs and technical functionalities. Fabrics offer support, shape and color retention, quick-drying properties, resistance to pilling, and UV filters. The iconic leggings can be worn during exercise, leisure time, and paired with fashion brands. Dutch brand 10Days presents the never-out-of-stock program 10DAYS365 at Modefabriek: a timeless assortment of comfortable feel-good essentials sold throughout the year, not tied to a specific season.

Luxurious Materials

The slogan of the French brand Caroll is 'by women for women.' Expect a collection full of feminine elegance and a touch of French chic, emphasizing quality, carefully chosen fabrics, good fits, and attention to detail. The look is modern yet timeless, focusing on pieces like knitwear, suits, jackets, and trousers. Italian brand Blast-Off also uses exclusive fabrics and materials to create timeless yet innovative items with meticulous craftsmanship. Danish brand Americandreams produces affordable knitwear from fine materials, including the colorful mohair they are known for. The knits are stylish and feel warm and soft on the skin. Also new at Modefabriek is EMU, world-famous for sheepskin and merino wool boots, slippers, and earmuffs. The Australian brand, existing since 1994, draws inspiration from Australian life and landscapes.

Credits: Modefabriek

Sustainable Jeans and Outdoor Clothing

The collection of the sustainable outdoor brand Cotopaxi (named after the volcano in Ecuador) is striking and colorful, featuring graphic patterns. The Del Día backpacks are unique as their design is determined by the employee assembling the backpack by hand. We Are Muse offers trendy and ecologically responsible jeans and is definitely worth a visit at Modefabriek. The jeans are washed with ozone or hand-dyed with mineral dyes using a traditional dip-dyeing process. The colored jeans from this brand are sure to catch the eye.

Make sure not to miss these brands during your visit to Modefabriek next week!

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