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Everything you need to know about: Woolrich

By Press Club



Woolrich, official Facebook page of the brand

With 190 years of experience and rich American heritage, Woolrich calls itself “The Original Outdoor Clothing Company” as it has a passion for the outdoors and mirrors the American dream by empowering those who wear the brand’s clothing to be at one with the outdoor elements and to pursue their dreams.


Woolrich was founded in 1830 in Pennsylvania by founder John Rich and is America’s oldest outdoor clothing brand. At first, Woolrich began producing woollen clothing pieces to support workers in freezing conditions. Then, the brand wished to provide the best outdoor garments for all consumers as Woolrich believes in the pursuit of adventure, freedom and true purpose.

Words such as considered, consistent and pure describe the brand’s ethos as its clothing blends durability, sensibility and style.

Woolrich, official Facebook page of the brand


Woolrich’s woollen garments that have been crafted in mills have been extremely beneficial during some of the world’s historical moments. The brand has supplied blankets, coats, and socks to US soldiers for comfort and warmth over the years.

In the 1970s, the original Woolrich Arctic Parka jacket was designed for those constructing the Alaskan pipeline and working in below-freezing temperatures. Woolrich has incorporated new eco and sustainable materials and technologies to adapt the iconic parka in today’s world in recent years.


Today, Woolrich collections are distributed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Asia-Pacific through a network of 32 stores worldwide and online. Additionally, the brand encompasses another label called Woolrich Outdoor, designed by the Japanese brand Goldwin.

The Woolrich Outdoor label features indoor and outdoor clothing designed to fit a new hybrid lifestyle by combining lightweight and innovative materials for lounging at home with soft and warm fabrics that are perfect for staying warm on a hike.

Woolrich, official Facebook page of the brand
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