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Green Story press release for New Normal 2

By Press Club

11 Aug 2020


Join Green Story, for the second part of our New Normal webinar, for a thought-provoking and relatable discussion on:

Green Denim: the New Normal in our Closets!

In line with Green Story’s commitment to the green movement, our New Normal webinar series shines a light on how we can, and need to, establish sustainability as the norm. As we adapt in this ever-changing environment, we have had to reimagine the way we operate in every way. From daily mask-wearing to incessant hand-washing, there is no doubt we’re living in a new normal. The same revamp should apply to our closets.

Denim is a wardrobe staple, but that does not mean we compromise on the environment. It is in everyone’s closet, in some shape or form, but what is its environmental impact? And how can we minimize it?

Join Green Story and panelists from sustainable brands to explore the green potential of this blue fabric on 20th August at 12:00 p.m. EST.

From pioneers in the eco-fashion industry to innovative suppliers, this webinar will bring you perspectives from all angles on:

  • How denim can be made sustainably
  • Inspiring stories of brands championing the industry at each stage of the supply chain
  • Measuring the impact of this staple in your closet

Panelists include Boyish Jeans and Simply Suzette, two brands that are converting customers to conscious jeans, and Lenzing Fibers and SCIRCULA, textile and eco-fashion innovators. Ebru Debbag, of Soorty Enterprises and Indigofriends, will moderate the webinar, bringing over three decades of experience in the denim industry to the table.

Learn more about the eco-fashion industry, green denim and interact with the speakers in a stimulating conversation by registering here.

Sign up link: https://app.livestorm.co/green-story/green-denim-the-new-normal-in-our-closets

Contact: Akhil Sivanandan, Co-Founder of Green Story (akhil@greenstory.ca)

About Green Story: Green Story was founded with the vision of getting every consumer in the world to ask “What’s my impact?” before they make a purchase. By using credible data, an advanced technology platform and easy to understand visuals, Green Story transforms the customer experience every step of the way by showing the positive impact a customer can make by choosing green products. The company works with over 80 brands in 15 countries to calculate and show their impact to millions of consumers worldwide. For more information, visit the Green Story website at www.greenstory.ca

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