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Karine Augis x CharlyHo: A Daring Collaboration

By Press Club



CharlyHo and Karine Augis Crédits: Karine Augis

In the exciting world of fashion, unusual collaborations often give rise to striking collections. Two passionate artists, Karine Augis focusing on the timeless elegance of Art Deco and CharlyHO on the striking spontaneity of Street Art and Figurative influences, have combined their talents to create a stunning and aesthetically pleasing collection.

Karine Augis explores new horizons

Karine Augis: "When I met CharlyHo, I immediately realised that, in addition to the values we share, he is a bold artist who commits himself wholeheartedly to every project. I'd been wanting to share my graphic universe through a collaboration for some time. To shake up the codes of my own creations to offer a new vision of everyday accessories. I was delighted when Charly agreed to work with the brand. I love his ability to push back the boundaries of artistic expression to highlight other worlds. This fascinating transition allows him to merge visual art with the tangible world of fashion, creating a new and captivating artistic experience!

Crédits: Karine Augis

CharlyHo first made his mark in the world of photography. His photographs attracted attention and were exhibited in various renowned galleries in Paris. However, he was not content to remain in the comfort of this initial success. Seeking to push back the boundaries of his artistic expression, he embarked on an unexpected journey into customisation. His "Custom'life for life" approach translates into unique fashion pieces. His compositions convey emotions, with each piece telling a story and becoming a living canvas!

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Karine Augis