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Les Deux FW21 Collection: A Nordic Perspective

By Press Club

8 Mar 2021

A Nordic Perspective includes simplistic design with a nod to modern con- temporary streetwear. It affects our subtle choice of colors, clean look and minimal aesthetics. All to embrace our heritage.

With Denmark being the nerve centre of Les Deux, Nordic culture is a fundamental part of our DNA. It has given us a unique frame of reference that has shaped our ideals and values.

A Nordic lifestyle is often idealised and thought to be amongst the highest standards of living in the world, with its high level of solidarity and its well-established support systems. Scandinavia is known for subsidised education, universal healthcare, great functional design and for being one of the happiest places in the world. Therefore, it’s understandable that compassion, tolerance and open-mindedness are seen to be central to Nordic culture.

Whether one aspect of culture is inherently superior to another is of course a totally subjective - and political! - opinion but, even in the most tolerant and egalitarian societies, there is a general feeling that certain things are better than others. The idea that certain things are ‘high-end’ rather than ‘low-end’ in terms of culture pervades even in societies that promote equality. We tend to think that eating in a posh Michelin-starred restaurant is worth more than casual dinner at a local bistro. A luxurious urban life is often seen as more glamorous and aspirational than a quiet life in the country. These distinctions maybe come from times when most workers lead difficult, physically challenging lives and good food was a luxury but surely it is time we think differently? Culture is not permanent, and evolution is a good thing. It’s time we thought differently.

Of course, we see everything from a certain, personal angle: in our case a Nordic perspective. But cultural relativism - the idea that a person’s beliefs, values and behaviours should be understood based on their own culture rather than judged using the criteria of another - is a social concept that can help us be more empathetic and kinder. The old saying ‘before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes’ teaches us that someone might not think or act like you simply because they have their own history and circumstances.

Being open-minded means being willing to search for information that does not necessarily align with your own personal values and to weigh that information fairly. Being tolerant means being willing to accept something you do not necessarily agree with. Being compassionate means being concerned with the wellbeing of others, whether you like them or know them or not. For us, this is our Nordic perspective: it’s being aware of yourself but also being aware that your own particular background has shaped your beliefs and behaviours. It means embracing and accepting differences.

A word from our creative director

A Nordic Perspective includes simplistic design with a nod to modern contemporary streetwear. It affects our subtle choice of colors, clean look and minimal aesthetics. We unveil the hidden gems of the Danish landscape, cuisine and functional design. All to embrace our heritage.

The AW21 Collection is about a journey from Copenhagen to the far- thest islands of Denmark. This is our perspective on a journey into the Danish wilderness with all it encompasses. An ode to where it all began. It’s a tribute to duality in it’s simplest form. Allow us to tell you a story of two friends who grew apart, now reconnecting years later to disconnect from the bustle of their everyday life. It’s two opposites reunited, embracing their differences.

The AW21 Collection primarily examines the duality between two people, two environments, and two cultures. The contrast between the friends, the city and the countryside, and the differences in the lifestyles associated with the urban and rural are primary themes.

Les Deux values
At Les Deux, we have the courage to embrace difference. This is how we create something new. This is how we move forward. Les Deux was born from a chance meeting between two very different people, with contrasting personalities, who found themselves united in recognising opportunities. Two distinct souls on divergent paths with shared ambition.

Often, in the meeting of opposites, something profound happens. A spark ignites. It is then you can excel and stand out from the crowd – you can dare to carve your own path. This is our raison d’être. We design clothes that make people challenge their habits, confront the status quo. We do what it takes - and we do it with a shared sense of purpose.

Some might say that you are as classy as the clothes you wear. At Les Deux, we believe true class is shown by your actions. Class is consideration, com- passion, and the willingness to give your all. We never give up. We give back. We share our success, and we persevere. We work as one but let each indi- vidual pursue their own dream. Les Deux is about leaving a mark – a legacy that has lasting meaning. Ensuring sustainability and compassion are at the heart of what we create, our designs and our communication – and how we give back.

We say: believe in what you do and get the job done. Life has its own driving forces and so do we. Opposites spark opportunities. Embrace difference.

Read more about Les Deux on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/les-deux