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Decathlon to take part in World Clean Up Day with Planet Patrol

By Rachel Douglass

7 Sep 2021


Image: Decathlon

Sportswear retailer Decathlon has announced its plans for the upcoming World Clean Up Day, with a focus on cleaning up UK waterways.

In partnership with litter picking nonprofit Planet Patrol, the retailer will be hosting a number of eco-events throughout the weekend of September 18 to 19. Its engagement comes in addition to the range of planet-conscious moves the brand has previously carried out, including its Second Life Scheme that recycles and repairs used products to resell through its online platforms.

For this years clean up edition, Decathlon is set to co-host ten events across UK waterway’s, focusing in on densely populated and underprivileged areas with an aim to reach untouched communities. Attendees can join the brand in kayaking, paddleboarding and walking whilst litter picking in various locations throughout the country.

Interested participants can sign up for the events online, through Planet Patrol’s website, with a supplementary option of a downloadable app encouraging users to count how many pieces of litter they pick up if they can’t join the events. The app is part of Decathlon’s mission to clean up 10,000 pieces of litter this month.

The retailer’s involvement in World Clean Up Day furthers its commitment to sustainability. Decathlon has previously stated that over 400 of its products are eco-designed, with an additional goal of making 100 percent of its catalogue sustainably produced by 2022.