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Matalan reveals plans to accelerate digital development

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Matalan

British retailer Matalan has announced plans to accelerate its digital development in a partnership with THG Ingenuity, an e-commerce technology and operations firm.

The new partnership looks to continue the retailer’s expansion of online demand capacities and services through warehouse automation and a nationwide fulfil-from-store strategy. Considered as phase one of its roadmap, which already commenced this year, the long-term partnership hopes to bring forth enhanced customer experience and efficiency improvements throughout Matalan’s business operations.

A central element of the new development is the investment in automation technology to meet the retailer’s distribution centre and online demand, a phase Matalan considers completed.

The investment is to contribute to Matalan’s phase two, in 2022, during which it plans to migrate its digital channels to THG Ingenuity to further its customer experience offerings. The retailer’s existing in-house team will be collaborating closely with THG Ingenuity on the development of technology solutions, alongside day-to-day ownership and trading operations.

Additional activations Matalan expects to put in place include the increase in product availability and choice, personalisation, courier tracking, improved customer service and the relaunch of its omnichannel loyalty programme.

“We’re delighted to announce this new strategic partnership, which will significantly accelerate Matalan’s digital transformation strategy and represents a step-change in its direct-to-consumer operation,” said CEO of THG Ingenuity, John Gallemore, in a statement. “The brand is a trusted household name, with great heritage and considerable growth across e-commerce, making it an exciting client with huge potential.”

He added: “Even at this early stage in the process, we have together identified a sizeable pipeline of impactful upgrades to Matalan’s systems to make a real difference to its customer proposition across different channels. The brand will now benefit from THG Ingenuity’s proven end-to-end e-commerce capabilities and best-in-class infrastructure, with the aim of rapidly delivering valuable scale across the business.”

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