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Retail’s reopening journey: How to comply with ‘social distancing’ rules

By Sponsor

8 Jun 2020


Every corner of retail has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and consumers have become accustomed to the idea of ‘social distancing’ – whether enforced by law or simply sustained by consumers who may not feel comfortable spending time in busy, crowded shops.

Real-time occupancy data and alerts will help retailers quickly react to emerging shopper needs, as and when they reveal themselves. Traffic management technology offering alerts can advise security teams when maximum occupancy limits have been reached. It’s highly likely that retailers will need to meet maximum visitor limits and keep records of the numbers coming into their stores. Sensormatic Solutions offers a real-time occupancy solution as a key to overcoming future market challenges around occupancy levels and the proximity of people in stores and shopping centres. This solution allows stores to accurately understand shopper density within a defined area - ideal as a means of maintaining employee and shopper safety as well as meeting compliance requirements.

Discover Sensormatic Solutions’ Real-time Occupancy Solution and full COVID-19 Toolkit.