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Sustainable flea market site Farly to launch in UK

By Rachel Douglass

22 Oct 2021


Image: Farly

Fashion marketplace Farly has announced it is set to launch in the UK on November 11, bringing its flea market approach of resale to new vintage-loving consumers.

Marketed as a virtual flea market, the site hopes to reinvent shopping in a fun and carefully curated way. Its concept revolves around virtual shop windows and mood boards intended to inspire visitors.

Farly looks to appeal to independent sellers, small retailers, artists and curators, providing potential users with the option to design their own shop window through image uploads and editing tools, helping to enhance their offering.

Image: Farly

“As the world prepares for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) summit this November, the importance of climate change and looking after our planet has been more prominent than ever,” stated Farleigh Hungerford, Farly’s founder, in a release.

She continued: “Farly only encourages the sale of vintage, pre-loved and second-hand items and we really encourage sellers to have sustainability at heart, from packaging to thinking about the origin of the product all the way to the end of the items’ life cycle.

“Farly adds to this message with the core values at the heart of the business, encouraging users to re-use, recycle and restyle.”

The platform will also feature a reward system, called Farly Points, where sellers can earn points through promoting sales from curated items in their virtual shop windows. Building up points can contribute to discounts for users with the monetisation of their displays.