Fondazione Prada announces completion of Milan venue

Fondazione Prada has announced the opening to the public its new tower, Torre, on 20 April 2018. The Torre marks the completion of the foundation’s Milan venue, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, with Chris van Duijn and Federico Pompignoli, from architecture firm OMA, and first unveiled in May 2015.

Torre is one of the three new buildings within the architectural compound, a 60-meters high white concrete building that will function as a new landmark for the Fondazione, revealing itself within Milan’s urban skyline while simultaneously framing an unprecedented view of the city through its large windows.

Torre is a structure on nine levels, six of which are exhibition spaces, for a total surface of approximately 2.000 square meters. The exhibition spaces have been conceived to display works and large installations from the Prada Collection, which mostly includes works by 20th and 21st century Italian and international artists, and set to become a resource of potential perspectives which future projects and new artists will contribute to.

Rem Koolhaas stated in a press release: "Together these variations produce a radical diversity within a simple volume – so that the interaction between the spaces and specific events or works of art offer an endless variety of conditions.”

Photo credit: Prada


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