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Most fashionable TV shows of 2022

By Simone Preuss


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Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria Season 2. Photo: Eddy Chen / HBO via WarnerMedia

That the content in movies, TV and now streaming services influences people’s fashion choices is no secret - shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl have proven that. In fact, popular series like Friends and others have long been hotbeds for the clever marketing of all kinds of products. But when it comes to fashion, shows work well as viewers can directly see what a particular style would look like on different people and body types over a longer period of time.

Experts of British fast fashion chain Boohoo analysed Google search data for a variety of search terms associated with fashion and outfits for every new and recurring TV show released in 2022. They published the results in a study to reveal the most fashionable shows of the year.

Euphoria, Emily in Paris steal the show

Not surprisingly, HBO series Euphoria ranked first - not only in 2022 but of all time. UK comparison site Uswitch revealed the show as the most inspirational for global makeup and fashion choices already at the beginning of the year. However, over the course of the year, the gap widened: The term “Euphoria outfits”, for example, was searched for an average of 121,000 times a month globally, more than all the other top ten placers combined.

Popular Netflix show Emily in Paris and its French chic came second with an average of 39,900 searches a month globally for terms associated with the show’s fashion, including the phrase “Emily in Paris outfits”, which was searched on average 31,000 times a month.

Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders and Bridgerton round off Top Five

Sci-fi horror drama Stranger Things placed third, thanks to its revival of 80s fashion maybe? Fashion-related searches of the show amounted to 28,800 on average worldwide.    British period crime drama Peaky Blinders made it to the fourth spot with Peaky Blinders fashion-related terms being called up 18,200 times per month, followed by historical romance series Bridgerton. About 14,400 average monthly searches worldwide guaranteed the show the last spot in the Top Five.

Some surprises in the Top Ten

The rest of the Top Ten saw some surprises like British spy thriller series Killing Eve ranking in sixth place and British coming-of-age rom-com Heartstopper in the seventh spot. Given that historical dramas seem to be appreciated for their fashion, British series The Crown was not that much of a surprise in the eighth spot but more so American black comedy-drama The White Lotus and supernatural comedy horror series Wednesday in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Sex and the City. Photo: WarnerMedia

Most fashionable shows of all time

The Boohoo experts also looked at the most fashionable shows of all time and recorded almost no change - the first four spots were the same, while US sitcom Friends kicked Bridgerton from fifth to sixth spot. That 70s Show, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls rounded off the Top Ten in place seven, eight, nine and ten, respectively.

However, the influence of older shows cannot be underestimated on current shows as well as on fashionistas and it should be taken into account that they did not benefit from search platforms such as Google the same way.

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