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202030 Pop-up: Culture & Communication reunites sustainable fashion community during Berlin Fashion Week

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Credits: studio MM04 and 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit will once again take place during Berlin Fashion Week on the morning of February 6, 2024. The theme of this year's first pop-up: Culture & Communication. Speakers will include international voices from the fashion industry who are committed to positive social and cultural change and focus on diversity and inclusion as well as value-oriented communication, such as Clare Press and Ayan Yuruk. The conference organized by studio MM04 and the subsequent community gathering will take place in the historic Kronprinzenpalais, this season in cooperation with 'Der Berliner Salon'.

With our second 202030 pop-up, we are once again offering a particularly compact and specialist format on communication topics relating to cultural sustainability and networking with leading thinkers and doers in the sustainable fashion community. We are already very excited about the discussion and are delighted about the great interest.

Max Gilgenmann, studio MM04 and 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

From 10 am to 2 pm, all guests are invited to experience varied input on stage with local and international opinion leaders and activists. Ayan Yuruk from Queer Eye Germany will join other panelists for a critical conversation about alternative, meaningful marketing. Clare Press, founder and host of the successful podcast Wardrobe Crisis, will give insights into how consumer behavior can be changed through sustainable storytelling. In the panel discussion 'Belonging in Berlin', the local fashion community for diversity and inclusion will talk about the city's unique advantages. Representatives from Auf Augenhöhe, Platte and the Fashion Africa Now will give their insights, hosted by the organizers and co-founders Max Gilgenmann and Magdalena Schaffrin (studio MM04).

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Read more about 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit on their eventpage

The Community Gathering, which will also take place in the Kronprinzenpalais after the stage programme, will ensure good networking.

Of course we need to look honestly at fashion problems - many of which seem to be getting worse: overproduction, exploitation, waste to name a few - but when we stop there, we limit ourselves and what we can achieve. The magic happens when we take the time to dream, collectively, of a better fashion future, and expand the detail of that vision, together.

Clare Press, Wardrobe Crisis podcast and author of Wear Next

On January 16 and 17, 2024, studio MM04 will host a live program for the Conscious Club of the SEEK Trade Show at Station Berlin with a press conference on the first "Fashion Purpose" report, a community class on the topics of "Diversity and Inclusion" and a panel discussion on the future of retail. Magdalena Schaffrin will speak on stage together with Mia Heresch and Patrick Bergmann in a live podcast on the topic of sustainability communication on social media.

Find more information on the SEEK program here.

In July 2024, 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit will once again take place as a multi-day conference during Berlin Fashion Week. Between seasons, the 202030 Podcast will provide bi-monthly updates and background information on the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry.

  1. and 17. January 2024, Program @ SEEK, Station Berlin

  2. February 2024, 10:00 - 14:00, 202030 Pop-up: Culture & Communication, Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin

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