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28 years of NONO girls, from design to collection

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20 Jun 2022


Nono, courtesy of the brand

How do you ensure that you remain relevant as a children's clothing brand? NONO has been around for 28 years and every day the question is asked internally: What is the strength of the brand? How is the brand unique? And how do the collections meet the demand of the customers? Every contribution must matter. Every collection.

NONO has continued to switch gears: to keep responding to the trends, without losing its own character and handwriting. That is not easy, but as a result the brand has never become a short hype and have consistently retained both quality and their own face. In the course of time we have seen a lot of creativity: from the nicest harem pants (a hit for seasons!), to indestructible T-shirts and dresses that you can also wear as a skirt...

Nono, courtesy of the brand

NONO wants every girl to develop their own unique identity. That’s their mission.

Head of Design Karlijn Kragting:

"NONO wants to be a guiding light for young girls. Not by setting an example or by acting as a teacher or parent, but by being an inspiring facilitator. NONO provides the tools, the incentives and inspiration for their journey of exploration and self expression. Clothes reflect who kids are, what they wear helps them find their place in this world. We believe in their ideas and encourage them to take themselves seriously. We help them develop their own unique personality”.

The latest collection of NONO, summer 2023, is already hanging in our showroom. Ready for the upcoming photo shoots and exhibitions.

Nono, courtesy of the brand

Karlijn: "In this collection you will see that we created a broad framework within which our target group can easily make their own choices. A fun, exciting and creative incentive to express themselves. Coordinated themes and colors ensure this. In addition, kids can experiment with different styles and combinations".

Being relevant in a world we live in today also means paying attention to sustainability. NONO is working hard on this topic and more will be explained about it soon. NONO does not shy away from challenges. That keeps them sharp, flexible and conscientious. A real 'comeback kid'..., so you'll soon read more...

NONO is part of BRNDWRKS/Jolo Fashion Group and is established in Amsterdam.

The NONO summer collection 2023 will be displayed in our showroom starting July 5th. On Sunday, July 3rd, NONO will perform at the Sunday School in the Fabrique in Maarssen (hal de Smederij) and will participate in the Playtime (standno. B20) in Paris from July 2nd til 4th.

Nono, courtesy of the brand
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