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3 Colors from the Kascha- C collection which give you an ultimate spring feeling

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Spring has officially started but the sunrays seem to be waiting for a while. We want to help you to already get some happy, sunny and positive vibes with some trendy spring-colors. 


It’s hard to find a sunnier color than yellow. We dare to say that you’re going to see this color a lot on the streets this season. Combine this yellow color with a fresh and white outfit. Our collection’s favorite is the Yellow Phonebag. This Phonebag is made by hand and it’s small and fashionable. Especially for you to carry your smartphone, cards, keys and lipgloss. It is great during a walk or if you need to get out of the house for a while.


Fresh, hip, smooth and happy... Did we already mention that this lilac color is back and totally accepted in the fashion branch again? Recently, we presented a new series of phone covers; Color OJO Covers. These are colorful, silicone phone cases available in lilac, black and powder rose. We also like our lilac de Rond wallet and leather cords. Although you may not expect this, lilac combines very well with all kinds of colors.


You decide, is this our ultimate spring item: Essential loose cord rainbow or the Leather Mister Sister cord rainbow? All colors of the rainbow are here, like a real eye-catcher which will complete your outfit. Wear it with a cool denim jacket or on a white dress or t-shirt and you’re all set to steal the show .

Mix and match

Did you know that all items from our collection can be perfectly mismatched and combined? It is even possible to customize your own cord. Of course you can ask us for some advice and we would love to answer all your questions and help you in finding your perfect item. 


The products of Kascha-C are available at more than 180 points of sale in The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. According to Marscha and Karin of Kascha-C, this is just the beginning. Do you want to know more about the ladies of Kascha-C or do you want to admire their whole collection? Take a look at their website. Are you interested to visit their office in Eindhoven? Don’t hesitate to contact Kascha-C. 

Read more about Kascha-C on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/kascha-c

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