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30-Year Sweatshirt continues its fight against fast-fashion with new campaign

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Thomas Cridland, the younger designer who set out to change the way the public consumes fashion, has relaunched his 30 Year sweatshirt campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign is set to continue Thomas battle against fast-fashion, which not only damages the environment but also costs customers more in the long run whilst undermining designers and brands producing more durable apparel.

The 30 year sweatshirt and t-shirt, which are both crafted by artisans in Portugal using traditional manufacturing techniques like loop-back knitting, is made so well that it is guaranteed by Cridland to last 3 decades. However, Cridland has decided to take things one step further with the launch of his new campaign and aims to support entrepreneurs in developing countries with the 30 year sweatshirt. Together with British charity Deki.org.uk, Cridland will be donating a percentage of each sweatshirt sale to help business men and women alike in South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, Ghana and South Africa work start their businesses.

"As a young entrepreneur who was able to start a brand thanks to a 6,000 pound government start-up loan, I have decided to donate 10 percent from every 30 Year Sweatshirt that’s ordered to Deki, a British charity that helps businessmen and women in the developing world work their way out of abject poverty," commented Cridland. "This was something I wanted to do because making clothing with the Tom Cridland brand is a true labour of love for me and I want to try to help less privileged fellow entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make use of their talents. These entrepreneurs in developing countries require grants of just an average value of 250 pounds to be able to continue with their businesses, in turn contributing to their communities and economies. They all have a great work ethic and they all deserve the chance to use it."

The campaign is set to run until December 19 on Indiegogo, with prices for the sweatshirt varying between 42 and 55 pounds, and will culmination with the opening of Tom Cridland flagship store opening on King's Road in London, early next year January.

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