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4 Key Trends for Spring/Summer '19 from the 'Denim Dude'

By FashionUnited


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Amsterdam - Trend forecasting is never an easy business, especially when it comes to more niche markets, such as denim. However, Amy Leverton, denim consultant, designer and author of Denim Dudes, has managed to carve out a name for herself as one of the industry's leading denim trend forecasters (and the original Denim Dudette.) A true denim connoisseur, Leverton spent the majority of her career in fashion working with the iconic fabric in all its variations.

For the past few seasons, she has hosted denim trend seminars, accompanied by a 360 interactive display showcasing the season’s main upcoming trends at boutique denim trade fair Kingpins. This season, FashionUnited took a moment to catch up with the Denim Dudette to discuss her take on the four main denim trends set to emerge for Spring/Summer ‘19, her favourite concepts and how the denim landscape continues to evolve.

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Trend 1: Boutique Bazaar

Perhaps the “most commercial”, or main-stream trend in Leverton’s eyes, this trend focuses on the denim industry’s love affair with the Middle East, which has only grown stronger over the past few seasons - likely in response to Donald Trump’s politics and Brexit. This trend revolves around traditional and authentic artisanal crafts and techniques, such as border prints, geometric patterns, paisley and fringing. Faded Indigos and vegetable dyes make up this trends colour palette, driven by a focus on more eco-friendly aspects of fashion, reflecting a more global attitude to denim.

Trend 2: Denim Dads

This trend is the evolution of the normcore trend but with an ugly twist. Denim dad pokes fun at your dad’s wardrobe while relishing in all that is basic, normal and mundane to the verge of ugly. Building on from the anti-fashion movement of last season, this trend borrows elements from sportswear and high fashion and blends them together with sensible garments to create an everyday look that could be worn by a middle-aged man, but still feels young, accessible and hip.

Trend 3: Corporate Craft

Another trend which is an evolution of a former trend, Corporate Craft sees the workwear trend reinvented and injected with a more playful vibe for SS ‘19. “It’s very much a happy story,” notes Leverton. Inspiration for this trend comes from the 1950’s, the golden age of American service and builds on the industry focus on blue-collared workers uniforms which is reflected in oversized silhouettes, mechanic overalls, retro spread collars and synthetic materials blended with denim. Pops of colour and sheer plastics give this trend a more modern feel.

Trend 4: Summer Goth

This trend is similar in ugliness to Dad Denim but draws more references from the ‘90s and ‘00s. Subcultures of the decade, such as emo, goth and punk styles are mixed together with key fashion looks from former icons like Paris Hilton and Ed Hardy to create a new subversive anti-cool look. Think lower slung jeans, deconstructed denim, stitched detailing and wide legs paired with metal t-shirts and DIY jackets. Dark indigos, blacks, as well as bright reds and a hint of pink, are key colours for this trend, which draws on the “non-authentic utility cyberpunk, goth and grunge” style of the ‘90s.

Photos: by FashionUnited

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