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4NATURE by gardeur – a sustainable solution built on a four-pillar strategy

By Sponsor

21 Sept 2021



At gardeur, the idea of reduction begins in the development phase. Optimized and customer-focused collections provide less overproduction and lead to less resource consumption.

Due to the location of our production facilities, the transport routes are short, effective and sustainable. Our intelligent logistics management ensures there will be as few empty runs as possible. Also, computer-aided layerpattern optimisation and digital development processes in the design department lower material waste and create maximum efficiency.


gardeur values the use of recycled materials. Primarily, we use recycled cotton from cutting rests and left-overs from garments which are from the yarn and fabric production and are also no longer usable. Additionally, we reuse recycled polyester mainly obtained from melted PET bottles and plastic waste which would otherwise end up in landfills or the sea.

In our own laundry facility, we regularly check our washing ingredients. The water used in the finishing process is cleaned and then returned to the natural cycle with the help of our own
purification plant.


Not only do we think of appealing design and a good quality, but also of great importance are environmentally friendly materials and responsible cultivation methods. Our organic cotton comes from a controlled organic cultivation and is traded fairly. No pesticides or fertilisers, no genetically manipulated seeds, and healthy soil enables water saving cultivation. With BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified cotton, gardeur also supports social projects in the growing regions.

Better for the environment, better for the farmers and their families, better for future generations.


Each pair of trousers is manufactured in gardeur’s production facility under strict ecological standards. Our factories are located near Tunis, Tunisia. We have been producing there for
45 years and provide transparent and fair wages. We fight for high social standards, education, tolerance and equal rights for women and men.

We are able to act quickly and sustainably due to the production chain of our trousers being 100 % in our hands. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® represents high product safety
and ensures customer confidence. All used materials are checked for harmful substances
and, consequently, they are non-hazardous to health.

Read more about gardeur on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/gardeur