Amelia Liana launches jewellery brand

London-based influencer Amelia Liana is set to launch her very first self-designed jewellery brand, Raemi next month.

The debut 14-piece collection launching on December 7 features 18 carat, gold-plated silver pieces earrings, necklaces, bracelets, an ear cuff and rings, and pays homage to Liana’s cultural roots and includes protective symbols that she remembers from her childhood.

The inspiration the influencer stated is to offer much more than just good luck charms but also to change the way superstitious symbols are traditionally seen, by making them representative of strength, determination and goals, explained the new brand.

Amelia Liana launches jewellery brand

Each piece in the collection also uses Middle-Eastern names, inspired by “goddesses and brilliant women who represent what it means to pursue your dreams and recognise your strength”.

When commenting on the brand name, Liana explains in the press release: “The name Raemi is an abbreviation from my grandmother’s name Raymond, which means the protector and the wise. Mi is oneself, me: the name Raemi literally means protect me, which is the purpose of an evil eye. When combined, Raemi pays homage to my heritage and also encapsulates the ethos of an evil eye.”

Prices start from 35 pounds and go up to 135 pounds, and the collection will be available exclusively on from December 7.

Images: courtesy of Raemi


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