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Amsterdenim SJAAN hotpants: A zero waste upcycling project

By Sponsor

7 Jul 2021


Following up on the DENMCHEF project from Jeansschool Amsterdam student Benjamin Daniel; Meet Mila, our new intern from Amsterdam Fashion Institute Amsterdam – AMFI. From a batch of SJAAN jeans made too tight, from rigid, raw denim, she made denim shorts and a handy backpack to carry a water bottle, wallet and smartphone. Using 100% of the fabric, this is an upcycling project with 0% waste!

We aim to inspire people to re-think about how to treat denim, how to mix and match and get creative. Denim is such a beautiful fabric, just like leather it becomes more beautiful and more personal the longer its worn. Instead of discarding something that doesn’t fit (anymore) or when it’s damaged, think about remaking or repairing it. It becomes more personal and we believe the energy and effort you put in, will get back to you. When you buy less and choose well, you will enjoy and appreciate your jeans more. Wearing jeans more often, in different combinations, and washing them less often are key towards a more sustainable future.

This project started by asking our followers on Instagram what to do with this batch of jeans. The regular price of these jeans is € 79.99, the hotpants and the backpack are € 39.99 each or € 69.99 as a combo deal.

Read more about Amsterdenim on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/amsterdenim