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At Milan Fashion Week, Bottega Veneta transcends the ordinary

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Bottega Veneta F24 076 Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics

Bottega Veneta's showcase at Milan Fashion Week stands in a league entirely of its own. Designer Matthieu Blazy, orchestrating a symphony of real clothes, elevated everyday garments — coats, skirts, jackets, trousers, shirts, dresses, and sweaters — to their apogee. In an emotional display, Blazy peeled back the layers, allowing the inherent essence of fabrics and the precision of his patterns to articulate their narrative.

This achievement is no small feat. Without a hint of skin, bodycon, or overtly seductive elements, the collection caters to the confident, the intellectual, and the connoisseur who values authenticity over artifice, embracing the purest materials, such as unlined leather.

Blazy's design philosophy eschews the need for outré embellished. His fashion vision seamlessly marries artistry with practicality, consistently avoiding the pitfalls of monotony. The sweeping coats and trenches, meticulously crafted with pinched seams, elongating the shoulder line and balanced with generously proportioned sleeves. Cowl necks on knits and dresses, were also heightened and exaggerated, gave it enough of a fashion jolt and styling to preserve the emotional depth, without descending into banality.

In the realm of Bottega Veneta, luxury resides in the minutiae of details, and there are plenty of these intrinsically woven into Blazy’s collections.

Bottega Veneta F24 Credits: Spotlight Launchmetrics
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