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Balenciaga to launch metaverse business unit

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

2 Dec 2021


Image: Balenciaga video game still

If there was any doubt luxury brands are digitally lagging behind the rest of the fashion industry, Balenciaga is shattering perceptions. The Kering-owned Maison announced on Thursday it has created a separate team dedicated to the metaverse and to explore the economic opportunities that lie in this yet untapped digital realm.

The announcement was made by Balenciaga chief executive Cédric Charbit during Business of Fashion’s annual Voices gathering.

“The usability of digital fashion is the point that’s missing, but that’s making gigantic steps every day,” Charbit said at the Voices gathering. “Right now the climax of interaction with a luxury brand is that you click like, or comment or buy something,” Charbit said. “I think we can get to a next level.”

Balenciaga has previously collaborated with gaming giants and last year launched its Fall 2021 collection via video game. “The game and the collection imagine a near future in which clothing is meant to transform over many years,” the company said at the time.

Gucci and Italian fashion group OTB are also leading the metaverse fashion revolution. Gucci previously collaborated with Roblox for a virtual-reality fashion exhibition and OTB recently announced a new business unit Brave Virtual Xperience.