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Barbie’s endless wardrobe costs 2.2 trillion pounds "in real life"

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Zara x Barbie collaboration Credits: Volkova Photographie via Nadia Lee Cohen

A recent study conducted by the cost-comparison platform Idealo has shed light on the staggering real-world cost of Barbie's opulent lifestyle, encompassing luxury cars, a private jet, and an extensive wardrobe. This analysis reveals that emulating Barbie's lifestyle would come with a jaw-dropping price tag of 2.241 trillion pounds.

The release of the latest Barbie film on streaming platforms has ignited interest in the iconic doll's possessions, both as featured in Mattel toy releases and on-screen. The research undertaken by Idealo breaks down the real-life value of Barbie's most treasured acquisitions.

At the heart of Barbie's extravagance lies her enviable fashion collection, which amounts to a predicted 2,241,550,000,000. Over her 64-year existence, Barbie has reportedly sported over one billion outfits crafted by many well-known designers, including Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. As showcased in the animated web series "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse," her wardrobe seems boundless, to the extent that traversing the corridors dedicated to shoes alone would necessitate "a day or two's walk."

Marian Witte, Head of Content Marketing at Idealo, remarked, "Barbie is undeniably renowned for her impeccable fashion choices, especially with the burgeoning Barbiecore trend. From her iconic monochrome swimsuit to Margot Robbie's pink western ensemble, Barbie boasts an awe-inspiring wardrobe. The revelation that fashion ranks as her most significant expense is hardly surprising, but the astronomical figure is truly astonishing and beyond the reach of most."

An expensive icon

"Barbie's enduring popularity as a top-selling toy, a fashion icon, and an inspiration to many can be attributed to the numerous additions that have enriched her plastic-fantastic world since her inception in 1959. Undoubtedly, she will continue amassing her fortune."

While Barbie's lifestyle remains an aspiration for most, it's noteworthy that the Mattel doll boasts a remarkable background featuring over 200 impressive careers, ranging from a fashion designer to an astronaut and pilot, providing a foundation for her extravagant tastes.