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BAV TAiLOR September Fashion Week SS23 highlights

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26 Sept 2022


Image: BAV Tailor, SS23 collection

Biffi Boutique Window - Milano Fashion Week

Image: Biffi Boutique

BAV TAiLOR has been selected as one of the four brands to be featured on the window of the prestigious BIFFI BOUTIQUE in Milano as part of the Cittadelarte Fondazione Pistoletto Fashion B.E.S.T collective of conscious Designers. In collaboration with WSM and TENCEL™, the window showcases all designers featuring pieces with TENCEL™ fibre, an endless filament derived from wood grown in renewable, sustainably managed forests, in line with the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy. It is produced in an environmentally sound closed-loop lyocell process that recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%. TENCEL™ LUXE is registered with The Vegan Society—and biodegradable.

BAV TAiLOR’s Moon White Gender-neutral two-piece suiting has been created in the lustrous TENCEL™ LUXE - two pieces that form part of the new Nitya SS23 collection being presented during this Fashion Month in London, Milan and Paris. The collection is focused on a syntrophy of conscious luxury and responsibility through new innovative materials such as TENCEL™ LUXE, a syntrophic collaboration inspired by texture, transformation, and transparency, Cactus leather alternative and Marble waste, a few teaser materials for this love infused collection.

Digital Showcase - London Fashion Week

Image: Bav Tailor SS23 collection
Image: BAV Tailor SS23 Collection

Discover the full collection on the London Fashion Week Digital website: https://london-fashion-week.appspot.com/designers/bav-tailor

The Nitya SS23 collection showcases the BAV TAiLOR “Artisanal Lab” platform sees a continued evolution of the project which endeavours to showcase the refined craftsmanship of global artisans and promote creative talent. The new season presents two conscious collaborations. A new edition to the ‘Artisanal Lab’ platform presents TextileSeekers, founded by the soulful Thao Phuong. Delve deep to uncover ancient textile techniques and sublime traditional Vietnamese crafts by artisans, designers, storytellers, and tribespeople, that are deeply woven into the daily lives of the local people. Key pieces are presents in a refined hand spun silk, naturally dyed and hand woven on narrow vintage looms by the talented Mother and Grandmother of Tinh who form part of the Black Tay Tribe and TextileSeekers network of talented Vietnamese artisans. Each project aims to build connections with communities, interact with artists and craftspeople, and study ancient textile techniques The second ongoing collaboration presents two projects by Studio Kunukku. Crochet pieces knitted by artisans located in a remote area outside of Beirut and intricate hand embroidery by the talented Maha, an artisan who forms part of Studio Kunukku - a design studio based in Beirut, Lebanon that aims to tell stories of displaced communities through lost and endangered crafts. Founded in 2020 by Sarah Hayes an American anthropologist with a focus on migration, cultural heritage and identities. Studio Kunukku aims to utilise block printing as a medium for social change and transformation.

As always, each BAV TAiLOR remains a free-spirited collection, for the worldly nomad.

respect your body + your sphere

Discover the complete Nitya SS23 collection which will be presented during the upcoming fashion weeks:

BAV TAiLOR Sales Campaign

Viceversa Showroom Paris– 28 Sept – 4 Oct 2022 – Le Grand Marais, 62 rue Amelot, 75011, Paris, 11e

Viceversa Showroom Milano– ongoing until 15 October 2022 – c/o ProjectB Gallery, Via Maroncelli 7, 20154, Milan

For appointments, please contact

SALES - [email protected]

PRESS – [email protected]

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