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Beauty brands are turning to clean, vegan and low-impact solutions

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Clean Beauty via Pexels

Beauty brands are turning to clean formulations and low-impact solutions both in products and packaging, as consumers are looking inward at their own carbon footprints.

In beauty, vegan formulations are on the rise, with more natural options and effective plant-derived solutions on the market than ever before. No wonder, as the global vegan cosmetics market is booming and projected to reach 21 billion dollars in the next four years.

While formulas may stipulate to be free of animal-derived products, it does not guarantee synthetic ingredients or sustainably sourced alternatives.

Genuine vegan beauty brands must be purely plant-based, meaning all ingredients are sourced directly from plants and the products have no artificial additives.

In 2021, UK sales of prestige vegan rose 28 per cent, according to market research firm The NPD Group. “Consumers are increasingly choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle, from food, drinks and supplements to clothing, shoes and cleaning products,” says Emma Fishwick, account manager for NPD UK beauty, as reported by Labelservice.co.uk. “It’s only natural that these consumers would want to opt for vegan beauty products, too.”

To be 100 per cent vegan, a make-up product must be free from animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, honey and lanolin. To ensure compliance, UK products will be marked with The Vegan Society Trademark, and the US with a PETA-approved vegan logo.

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