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Ben Sherman launches eco-green eyewear collection

By Andrea Byrne

22 Sept 2020


British menswear brand, Ben Sherman, is on its sustainable journey and has just announced the launch of its eco-conscious eyewear collection.

The Ben Sherman collection was created using only eco-friendly materials. The bio-based acetate is derived from plant materials and is produced from renewable materials.

The metal styles are made of stainless steel, which are metal corrosion-resistant, durable, long-lasting and 100 percent recyclable. All of the stainless steel in the collection is made of 60 percent recycled material.

The demo lenses are biodegradable, and are able to naturally decompose in five years, compared to 1,000 years for a plastic demo lens, and the TAC polarised sunglasses are bio-based and created from organic cotton and fibres.

The Ben Sherman eco-green promise extends to the sunglasses pouches which are produced from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The range features 12 optical styles and four sunglasses inspired by the label’s clothing and history. The shape of the frame is based around Ivy League Prep, military silhouettes, and iconic looks of the 60s and British youth culture.

The eco-conscious eyewear collection is available from the end of September on its website and globally for wholesale.

Ben Sherman is taking on many innovative movements, as the brand has recently announced the launch of a new venture into branded real estate developments with Brand Lab International.

Photo Credit: Ben Sherman