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Berlin Fashion Week July 2023: A creative hub for innovation and inclusion

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Credits: Berlin Fashion Week/ Press Factory

The Fashion Week of the German metropolis once again presents itself as a unique event reflecting the creative energy and diversity of the city. With its focus on creativity, freedom and inclusion, the Berlin Fashion Week, which is taking place from July 10th to 13th, will be an international showcase for the fashion industry.

Berlin is known for its subcultural movements, trends and progressive fashion and is reflecting these transformations by focusing on important topics such as sustainability, inclusion and innovation. The status quo that Berlin conveys as a city and as a fashion metropolis sets new standards in an industry that is still strongly influenced by tradition. Berlin Fashion Week thus sets itself apart from the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York and forges a path that is not only progressive but also revolutionary. With the physical gathering of designers, press, buyers and creatives, Berlin Fashion Week promotes exchange, inspiration and visibility within the industry - not only for established professionals but also for up-and-coming changemakers.

Talent promotion and interdisciplinary collaboration take the centre stage

A highlight of Berlin Fashion Week is 'Berlin Contemporary', a concept competition organised by Fashion Council Germany on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry. This competition promotes talented designers from Berlin and the rest of the country. A total of 18 selected designers will present their collections during Fashion Week, including established labels such as ODEEH, Esther Perbandt, RIANNA + NINA as well as emerging talents such as Acceptance Letter Studio and Namilia.

Likewise, the Berlin Salon exhibition at the Kronprinzenpalais offers a platform for no less than 44 talents from the fields of design, fashion, photography and art, thus bringing together artistic and creative potential of the fashion industry in an interdisciplinary way.

Another event platform, newEST, presents fashion shows by Berlin Contemporary winners in cooperation with the National Museums in Berlin. Here, too, overarching synergy plays a major role: architectural and cultural highlights of the city such as the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) and the James Simon Gallery are incorporated as event venues, combining architecture, art and fashion.

Esther Perbandt Design. Credits: Birgit Kaulfuss

The Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry sees great potential in promoting Berlin Fashion Week: "Fashion 'MadeinBerlin' is fresh, bold and forward-looking - and with almost 4,800 companies and 25,500 employees, it is a growing economic factor. We want to consciously develop Berlin Fashion Week into a stage for the creative craft of the most visionary designers from our city and around the world and thus set international trends," says Senator Franziska Giffey.

W.E4.FASHION DAY, Studio2Retail and BeyondFashionBerlin: Fashion shows, pop-ups and sustainability

Berlin Fashion Week also offers networking opportunities and an extensive content programme on the latest trends in fashion, business, sustainability, tech and beauty. The W.E4.FASHION DAY brings together four designers - Rebekka Ruetz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag and Kilian Kerner - to present their latest collections in the Verti Music Hall. The Studio2Retail project, which is also implemented by the Fashion Council Germany e.V. in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry, brings the Fashion Week atmosphere to the whole city: fashion shows, events and pop-ups at various locations take visitors all over the city's places to be.

All eyes on the future of the fashion industry

Fashion Week Berlin in July 2023 promises to be a unique event that reflects Berlin's creative power and capacity for innovation. With its focus on diversity, sustainability and innovation, Berlin is positioning itself as a leading location in the fashion industry and invites designers, buyers, press and creatives from all over the world to be part of this extraordinary event.

Credits: Studio2Retail
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