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BFC reveals new ‘cultural moment’ concept for London Fashion Week June

By Rachel Douglass


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Robyn Lynch AW24. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

In what comes as a part of continued efforts to rejuvenate its mission, the British Fashion Council (BFC) has revealed a new concept for its upcoming London Fashion Week (LFW), set to take place from June 7 to 9.

The event, which will be presented by headline sponsor 1664 Blanc, “aims to ignite a cultural moment in London”, the council said in the announcement, offering a platform for diverse British designers as well as “brands with a focus on the depth and breadth of menswear business in the UK”.

Ultimately, the BFC stated that LFW June’s ambition moving forward was to spotlight different cultures and communities that have made “a rich and significant contribution to the British fashion industry”.

As such, on June 7, BFC will be hosting a curated programme at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, where an exhibition, panel discussions and cultural events will be held putting to the forefront the first three cultures the organisation has chosen.

Black culture and self-love; South Asian culture with a focus on textile and craftsmanship; and queer culture honouring voices from the trans community will be touched on during the event in collaboration with three guest curators.

‘We want to ensure we are recognising the business needs of our designers…’

This will run alongside the ‘40 for 40’ schedule celebrating LFW’s 40th anniversary, with the same number of activations to be held by British brands and designers across the city.

In a release, Caroline Rush, CEO of the BFC, said: “As we continue our celebrations of LFW40, we are thrilled to share a new concept for LFW June which will amplify our designers and promote the diverse menswear businesses, from streetwear to Savile Row, as well as retail in the city.

“We will celebrate and pay homage to some of the cultures which contribute so much to the UK fashion industry, the aim is to build on this with different cultures each year. The new format is a direct result of the conversations we are continuously having with the BFC community (designers, media, UK and international retailers).

“We want to ensure we are recognising the business needs of our designers and providing them with a global showcasing platform which is both relevant and beneficial. This iteration of LFW is a really exciting opportunity to future proof and innovate the UK’s fashion showcasing capabilities and highlight the city’s point of difference during men’s fashion month. We look forward to launching this new format with the support of 1664 Blanc.”

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