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Bows, Grandpas and Jazz: Pinterest predicts 2024 trends

By Rachel Douglass


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Make it Big trend. Credits: Pinterest.

2024 has officially kicked off, and with it comes the latest Pinterest Predicts report, through which the image-based social media platform looks ahead to trends that it believes will rule the site, and consumer interests, in the coming year.

Such trends, according to Pinterest, will be ruled by the overarching theme, ‘Make it Big’, which is defined by the platform as Gen Z’s impending adoption of “impactful accessories” and jewellery as a form of creativity. As such, Pinterest’s report for the year is largely centred around statement rings and sculptural jewellery, each of which are now entirely shoppable through the report, for what is the first time ever.

Speaking on the platform’s findings, Jenna Waller, head of fashion at Pinterest UK, said: “For 2024, we expect a year filled with intricately shaped statement necklaces, bold earring pairings and oversized sculptural rings. Moving away from all things gold, silver is set to steal back centre stage this year as bold chrome and cool tones take off. With Beyonce and Bella Hadid paving the way as the leading ladies in statement jewellery, bigger really is better in 2024.”

Big, silver and opulent

For ‘Make it Big’, Pinterest is predicting that Gen Z shoppers will be looking for “bigger, bolder and puffier” styles throughout the coming year. This is evidenced in the rise in searches for chunky hoops (up 45 percent) and sculptural jewellery (up 75 percent) akin to the similar increased interest in fluffy hair aesthetics.

Hot Metals. Credits: Pinterest.

Alongside this, ‘Hot Metals’ was also highlighted, referencing the rising popularity of cool silver tones and chrome materials, linked to the switch from neutrals to something “more hardcore”. Important fashion elements in this trend are that of layered silver necklaces and metal corsets, each of which saw a 50 and 35 percent increase in searches, respectively.

Bow Stacking. Credits: Pinterest.

Going ‘big’ could also be seen in the ‘Bow Stacking’ trend, which addresses Gen Z’s heightened interest in adding both large or small bows to their outfits, shoes, hair and jewellery. This is further emphasised in the all round increase in bow-related searches, such as ‘Bow outfit’ and ‘Bow necklace’.

Retro leads the way

Eclectic Grandpa. Credits: Pinterest.

Many of the trends touched on by Pinterest referenced retro and vintage themes, with select eras past set to see a revival during 2024. This was led by the ‘Eclectic Grandpa’ concept, through which the platform is predicting that both Gen Z and Boomers will embrace “grandpa-core” and bring “eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes”. This will be evident in the impending popularity of retro streetwear and is backed up by an increase in searches for terms such as ‘Grandpa core’, ‘Grandpa style’ and ‘Retro streetwear’.

Groovy Nuptials. Credits: Pinterest.

A similar sentiment could be seen within the wedding category, where ‘Groovy Nuptials’ were highlighted as a core trend. As such, 70s-inspired weddings are set to make a “serious comeback”, with ‘Retro wedding theme’, ‘Groovy bachelorette party’ and ‘Groovy wedding’ among the increasing search terms on Pinterest.

Jazz Revival. Credits: Pinterest.

A further reflection of retro adoption was highlighted in Pinterest’s entertainment section, in which a ‘Jazz Revival’ will see Millennials and Gen Z take a renewed interest in the music genre. ‘Jazz aesthetic clothing’, ‘Jazz-bar outfit’ and ‘Jazz-club outfit’ were terms that saw a rise in popularity, and ultimately led to this definitive trend.

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