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Cartier Women's Initiative releases Impact Report on its 15th anniversary

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Cartier Women's Initiative
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, luxury jeweller Cartier has released an impact report of its Cartier Women’s Initiative.

Since 2006, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has helped women impact entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by shining a light on their achievements and providing them with financial, social and human capital support to grow their businesses and build their leadership skills. The program is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aim to have a strong and sustainable positive impact on society as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To mark the 15th anniversary of the program, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has placed Impact at the heart of its 2022 edition, looking back on the program’s evolution and its impact.


Fifteen years on, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has supported 262 women impact ntrepreneurs hailing from 62 countries and has awarded a total of 6,440,000 million dollars in prize money to support their businesses. The fellowship has expanded from funding five fellows in 2007 to 24 fellows in 2021.

Since the launch of the community pillar in January 2019, aiming to support fellows by connecting them with a global network that can provide them with access to relationships, knowledge and capital, more than 260 community members have actively engaged with the community and 43 community events have been hosted. Going forward, the program intends to create a global network of diverse allies of the Cartier Women’s Initiative community that can amplify that impact by leveraging their unique strengths: their circle of fellows, their knowledge of the ecosystem, and their ability to activate different players.

To celebrate furthermore the impact of the program, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has unveiled for the very first time, 9 impact awardees —former fellows whose businesses have achieved significant impact. The Impact Awards cover three categories: Improving Lives, Preserving the Planet and Creating Opportunities, which are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Three former fellows are recognized in each of these three categories.

The first prize awardee of each of the three Impact Award Categories will be announced during the Impact Awards Ceremony, on March 6th in the context of the World Reunion at the WorldExpo 2020 in Dubai which will celebrate the Cartier Women’s Initiative and will collectively shape the future of the program.

"The Cartier Women’s Initiative World Reunion is an opportunity to reaffirm the Maisons’s commitment to our community of women’s impact entrepreneurs, amplify the successes of these admirable women, and help them reach new heights in order to make the world a better and more equal place. Because when women thrive, humanity thrives,” said Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier International.

The first prize awardee will take home 100,000 dollars in prize money, while the second and third runners-up will respectfully receive 60,000 dollars and 30,000 dollars. The 9 awardees will each receive human capital support valued at 10,000 dollars.

Cartier Women's Initiative