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Catwalk Junkie Spring2020 Garden Romance

By Sponsor

23 Jul 2019


The magic of December is officially over. January may seem long and gloomy, but Catwalk Junkie will turn it all around and makes the first month of the new year oh-so exciting. With frilled feminine silhouettes, vivid floral patterns and lots of brightness we wave the winter blues goodbye. We wanted the spring 2020 collection to feel crisp and colorful. Like a beautiful bed of wild flowers. Or the freshly mowed grass under your bare feet. Like an al fresco countryside picnic. And the first rays of early morning sun. No matter how cold it is, we invite you to curl out from under that blanket and keep the good mood going. Spring will come around sooner than you think. Keep your eyes peeled.

January manifests itself in a whole lot of femininity as we are fully embracing our soft side. Graceful ruffles, elegant puff sleeves and smocked details come out in full force. We flutter, we flounce. Beautiful florals are sprinkled on soft satin-like fabrics and knitwear brings instant refinement to any ensemble. For spring we enriched our collection with a wide variety of elaborate tops and blouses defined by sweet-feminine appeal. Both flowy skirts and paper bag trousers are equally flattering eye-catchers, brimming with delicate touches.

Proud of our Dutch roots, we captured the spring 2020 collection in our own beautiful countryside for this season’s campaign. Taking style cues from the flourishing flower fields we gave our signature love for hand drawn graphics a blooming refresh, while our coveted basics have blossomed into full-color essential pieces. Bright statement hues ranging from luminary yellow to sap green and purplish pink tulle offset the warm earthy tones. No reason to wait until it’s officially spring to start injecting your wardrobe with soft tones and fresh hues. When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.