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Celebrity influence on fashion brands: Beyoncé x Roksanda

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Beyoncé x Roksanda, courtesy Roksanda

The impact of celebrities on fashion brands can be immeasurable, particularly when it translates into increased sales and enhanced brand visibility. However, at worst, such influence can easily be lost within the incessant flow of social media.

A recent instance highlighting this phenomenon occurred when global superstar Beyoncé took to the stage in London, donning a striking Yves Klein blue gown created by designer Roksanda. This moment proved to be a catalyst, invigorating the brand's media presence and propelling it into a new realm of conversation.

According to a spokesperson for Roksanda, the brand received an initial request from Beyoncé's team for a unique dress to be worn during the opening ballad of her Renaissance World Tour. The custom-made garment was meticulously crafted at Roksanda's design studio in Haggerston, drawing inspiration from the Autumn Winter 2023 collection. The design was adapted to suit the specific requirements of the tour, and likely involved the creation of sketches, toiles, and samples that required fittings and alterations.

Often, such endeavors are undertaken with no financial gain, instead driven by the promise of invaluable publicity.

A promise of invaluable publicity

A digital consumer analysis conducted by New York-based RILA Global Consulting revealed that prior to Beyoncé donning Roksanda's gown, the brand had only been mentioned a mere 40 times in 2023. However, within the last 24 hours, Roksanda garnered an astonishing 937 mentions related to the collaboration.

Tsvetta Kaleynska, CEO of RILA, emphasised the power of social media in fashion's vast landscape, stating: "In a vast sea of fashion labels, a single collaboration has the power to propel a designer from obscurity to stardom. Roksanda Ilinčic's blue dress exemplifies the immense influence of social media. Despite receiving only 40 online mentions throughout 2023, her collaboration with Beyoncé sparked an astounding surge of 937 posts within the last 24 hours, as her admirers showered her with love and praise. While opinions were shared by both genders, it was the resounding voice of female fans that resonated the strongest. The conversation was predominantly driven by Beyoncé fan accounts, spreading the news far and wide."

Further analysis revealed that the discussions surrounding the collaboration originated primarily from the United States, accounting for 43 percent of all mentions, followed by Brazil, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. This collaboration transcended geographical boundaries, garnering admiration for Roksanda and truly showcasing her artistic essence on the global stage.

Roksanda's studio confirmed that creating this delicate piece required numerous hours of meticulous craftsmanship, involving hand-draping and pleating using a delicate and highly skilled technique synonymous with demi-couture.

"It was truly amazing to witness the dress come to life and be worn center stage by Beyoncé for the opening of the 'Renaissance World Tour'. This is a moment that will be cherished by everyone at Roksanda," expressed the brand's spokesperson.