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Christine Boland: from forecast to reality

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Which forecasted trend for FW21 is actually making it big on the highstreet? Trend analyst Christine Boland gives a retrospective review.

In ‘Alchemy of the Times to Come’ forecast for AW2021, one of the four trends I foresaw, based on the current social developments and international catwalk shows, was Poetic Heritage. It demonstrates how we breathe new life into well-known, traditional styles. British ‘iconoclassics’ are instantly recognisable whilst at the same time unprecedented thanks to the use of innovative materials underscored by surprising ‘poetic’ interventions in their shape, form and/or colours. Better said: tradition goes twisted, classic goes cool and pretty goes punk.

Hacked checks

‘Hacked checks’ - where traditional and iconic check patterns are re-beautified, re-composed, cut-up, mixed-up, twisted, draped and gathered into new looks - play a major role within this forecasted trend. For example: masculine shirt checks are featured in feminine collars with ruffles and Scottish tartan is draped and deconstructed only to be reassembled again in different proportions or forms.

It’s exactly this design language that’s greatly been picked-up by highstreet brands, making it one of the biggest winners from the forecast. Why? The current world, still in the grip of the coronavirus, is full of uncertainties. The return of a classic (such as checks) reflects our urge to cherish what is familiar to us. The twist we see on check patterns symbolizes rethinking the known. The pause in time has also given us room for reflection, rethinking what is of value and giving it a new twist. This is what AW2021 is all about.

Adaptation into mainstream fashion

From Scottish history to Westwood’s punk look and from the iconic Burberry to the authentic lumberjack blouse; all checks are welcome, as long as they are applied in a new context, composition or color scheme. Let’s find out how the highstreet brands have translated this into their current fall/winter collections.

Rigid checks for fluid, feminine shapes

Traditional checks in nontraditional forms

New ways of using tartan

Argyle and checks in super soft materials

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Image credits: Catwalk Pictures, FashionUnited Marketplace, Unsplash, and Pexels

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