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Clean Cut Copenhagen - FW23

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19 Jan 2023


Image: Clean Cut Copenhagen

For their FW23 collection, Clean Cut Copenhagen has chosen two topics that reflect their design language with a contemporary touch - 'disrupted decades' and 'creative metropolitain'.

Clean Cut Copenhagen focuses on classic items with an urban influence and it strongly inspired by its Scandinavian roots. Their collections are defined by clear lines, classic silhouettes and muted colours. With this collection, the brand pursues their vision of offering a single go-to solution for all the modern man's essentials.

Disrupted decades

A leitmotif of the FW23 collection is the adoption of extreme silhouettes, expressing a trendy attitude that effortlessly blends into the style of the city. With these statement pieces, Clean Cut Copenhagen merges signature shapes of several decades together, creating not a style but more so a personal statement for the wearer. Seemingly arbitrary combinations of slim and oversized pieces and individual colour combinations express the idea of 'just being you' regardless of your personal style choices. Blazers return in the FW23 wardrobe with a relaxed yet conscious touch, in colours inspired by nature such as plum and brown. Look sharp, your way!

Image: Clean Cut Copenhagen
Image: Clean Cut Copenhagen

Creative metropolitain

A second overarching theme of the FW23 collection is the transformation of dated styles through new shapes and functions. By incorporating leisure and vintage elements, Clean Cut Copenhagen creates an easy, functional look, bestowing pieces with a new life. As such, trench coats are transformed to technical car coats, a long puffer receives a new aesthetic with a bionic eco treatment, making it suitable for for urban life. Overall, the styles show a touch of informality, making them the ideal pieces to indulge into urban life and style.

Image: Clean Cut Copenhagen
Image: Clean Cut Copenhagen
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