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Clean Cut Copenhagen Spring Summer 2020

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Clean Cut Copenhagen was established in the fall of 2014 by Urban Brands, a menswear company with years of experience in its field. Clean Cut Copenhagen is based on the vision of a menswear brand, that is able to offer a single go-to solution for all the modern men’s essentials. The brand is focused around t-shirts, knits, sweats, pants, shirts and jackets, but with an eye for detail. The clothes have defined lines, classic silhouettes and muted colors.

We are well established in Denmark and export to Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Lebanon and Canada. We mainly produce our clothing in Turkey, China and Bangladesh.

The Clean Cut Copenhagen SS20 Lookbook was shot at different locations in the Netherlands with the focus on men that can appreciate the things that we do, but also have a passion and a focus in life that makes life worth living, that’s what we call: “A Clean way of thinking’’

"One of the key elements in the SS20 collection is stretch. With focus on minimalistic designs combined with comfort and flexibility".
“Achieve a chic yet comfortable appearance that’s perfect for a range of events and occasions”.
‘‘The style is a mix of a trend based, classic and Scandinavian look”.
“The SS’20 collection of Clean Cut Copenhagen is attitude-heavy”.
“Our identity is based upon unique and high quality fashion design. The ambition is to continuously develop attractive comfortable menswear for any kind of occasion".

Collection – SS20

The SS20 collection is inspired by patterns of nature. We designed this comfortable collection for warm wheater with strong key items that fit into your wardrobe and have the elements of light clothing, more specifically shown in our styles made of pima cotton and cotton linen. We selected warm colors to clear your outfit with modern looks. This time with more prints and patterns that give your look an urban twist. Embrace the prints and stripes. It looks great and presents a simple refined way to experiment with your wardrobe.

Our clothes are attitude-heavy but surprisingly comfortable. Another urban trend that we love are the Bowling shirts . They’re perfect for any occasion. Also sportive details are well-anchored in this collection. The classic colors are of course always broadly represented in the collection, but this season we have added some warm tints such as sand, dusty green and Khaki. We provide all comfortable looks that are perfect for spring and summer.

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