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Club of Gents: Winter 2023

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Image: Club of Gents

CG – Club of Gents: Getting Up – Going Over

Spray cans everywhere. The clacking sound of a new can in the background. Spraying, watching, changing - the gray walls are the canvas and transform into their own works of art. No rules, just individuality. New graffities that unite to create one big collective work of art: „Getting up - Going over“.

The combination of street style and art is the source of inspiration for the new looks. Plain tones like nature and beige form the canvas. A strong pink, violet and different variations from olive to dark green set colorful highlights. Black creates the contrast. Black is back. Tone-in-tone or deliberate color and design breaks create new looks and reflect the colorful world of the sprayers.

Camouflage, washed-out looks and plain colors in the sprayers‘ looks build a bridge to the colorful artworks. The oversized patterns on shirts and jackets give an individual character. Tweed and soft haptics are a perfect fit for fall and winter.

All time classics get their special looks on cold days by adding long coats, bomber jackets or jacket- sacket blends with individual collars. Slipovers, intarsia and jacquard knits are the ideal addition to liven up the outfits. There are no limits to creativity here.

Image: Club of Gents

Savile Row by CG – Club of Gents: Me and My Friends

Guitar sounds and catchy vocals drone through the streets of London. The Mods‘ meeting point is the café around the corner. Sitting together, having fun, and writing new lyrics. This is how the sound of Britpop is created.

This feeling is noticeable in the new collection - everything is authentically English. Dark blue forms the basis for the expressive looks. Natural tones and a light grey become stars on the streets of England through petrol and wine red.

Heritage style is the focus of the new collection. English fabrics, felt optics and wool mixed with an exciting structure stand for quality and sophistication. Special oversize prints combined with tonal colors ensure a strong appearance.

Super soft shoulders, double-row jackets and wide-cut pleated pants pick up the style of the exclusive mods. On top of that a long-cut expressive coat and the next gig can come. Flowing viscose shirts give the staging the finishing touch.

Me and my friends on the road in London, Brighton, and Liverpool.

Image: Savile Row by CG
Image: Savile Row by CG

Your Own Party by CG – Club of Gents: Manhattan

A cocktail night with your loved ones above the rooftops of Manhattan. The sun is setting, and the city lights are flickering in the background. The party is in full swing and there are no limits.

The matching looks for an unforgettable party night are composed of classic basics with exclusive details. The colors range from dark green to wine red and light beige tones. Silver highlights, elegant camouflage and shiny fabrics attract everyone’s attention. Flowing velvet and winter linen show off the styles to perfection.

On a hot night, vests are ideal companions. They provide an individual look with glitter, velvet, and pattern in combination with oversize pants. Matching jackets convince with shawl collar or lace lapels. The star of the party is certainly the champagne-colored tuxedo, which shines with the lights of the skyline around the bet.

The accessories will also ensure an unforgettable evening of good conversation, intimate moments, and plenty of cocktails. Cummerbund, shirt with 3-in-1 collar and a self-tie bow tie complete the evening and the look.

Image: Club of Gents
Image: Club of Gents

NextGen Project

We bear responsibility. For a sustainable future. For the next generation.

With the NextGen project, CG - CLUB of GENTS pursues the goal of making clothing sustainable. The focus is on the use of selected raw materials and components. As a criterion for sustainable clothing, this collection uses only outer fabrics whose materials are 100% recycled or GOTS certified.

We are still at the beginning. Achieving our goal is a constant changing process. The NextGen project runs like a thread through all our lines. Both in the collection of CG - CLUB of GENTS, as well as in the sublines Savile Row by CG - CLUB of GENTS and Your Own Party by CG - CLUB of GENTS these products can be found. They are marked by a corresponding hangtag and sew-in label as brand label.

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