Collar Club branches out into Single Shirt offering

London based luxury menswear start-up Collar Club has expanded its service offering from subscription-only based to include a single shirt offering, with global shipping.

The online service is currently offering single ready-to-wear shirts in a range of size and styles starting from 59 pounds. The ready-to-wear shirts are made from the same quality two-fold Egyptian cotton as the made to order shirts, which is produced in Italy. “The old retail model is out-dated and highly unfair on the consumer,” commented Hasan Mustafa, founder and chief executive officer of the Collar Club. “It’s 2015 and consumers deserve top quality shirts, made by the best Italian shirt makers, without the unnecessary retail mark-ups.”

Collar Club also offers a subscription based service, which includes the delivery of five made to order shirts delivered to an address of choice and collected at the end of the week to be replaced with five newly pressed shirts of the users choice for 95 pounds per month. Members can order up to elven shirts with the monthly subscription, which can be replaced every twelve months.

The subscription shirt laundry service membership is currently only available to customers in the UK, however members who would prefer to press their own shirts can do so and pay a reduced fee of 75 pounds per month. “Our shirts are made-to-order in small batches which allows us to pass all the savings on to the consumer,” adds Mustafa.

“We know how valuable time is too, so we offer a weekly laundry concierge service, making life Monday to Friday simpler and allowing Collar Club subscribers to get on with something much more enjoyable than laundry.”


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