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Cream eyewear, ready to protect the eyes of the future

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15 Nov 2022


Picture: Cream Eyewear, courtesy of the brand

We all love sunshine, and we are glad that more and more attention is being paid to the harmful UV rays and what all that can do to children's health, but to our great surprise, there remains only a small range of children's sunglasses to choose from.

Cream eyewear has responded to this since April 2021. After a career in the eyewear industry, the limited selection kept surprising me, says founder Lauren van der Kolk: "Especially in today's digital world where children are already behind screens at a young age, and their eyes are still developing, it's up to parents to protect the eyes of the future as much as possible."

Cream Eyewear

Cream Eyewear therefore launched, in the midst of the pandemic, a pair of children's sunglasses made from a new material called Truegrass. Truegrass consists of 60% recycled Polypropylene (PP) and 30% rice grass. This rice grass is a leftover product from the rice industry and reduces the amount of recycled plastic in the product without losing stability and strength. The lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protective and have a polarised filter to reduce glare.

The first collection was presented at the major children's fair at Playtime Paris, and was immediately appreciated with the Milk magazine Crush award. "Fantastic of course, that there was so much attention immediately. Although it also immediately indicated how high the need was for high-quality and fashionable children's sunglasses that are affordable" says Lauren. "We really stand for protecting the eyes of the future, and believe that parents should set a good example in this. In addition, we try to be as sustainable as possible, within the big eyewear industry".

Picture: Cream Eyewear, courtesy of the brand

Summer 2023:

After launching One, their perfectly round and classic kids frame, they have created a cheeky and angular shape for Summer 2023 called Two.

In addition, they are introducing 5 new flavours: Mint, Navy, Orange, Banana and Olive. The last 3 flavours have been designed in collaboration with their Flavour maker of Spring Summer 2023: The New Society. "We are obviously over the moon that such an amazing children's brand immediately wanted to collaborate with us".

Whats next:

Next summer, Lauren hopes that more and more children will wear sunglasses, whether they are cream eyewear or not. In addition, cream eyewear will show its collection at Pitti bimbo in Florance and Playtime in Paris in January.

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Cream eyewear