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Cubitts launches app to revolutionise how to buy glasses

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

20 Jul 2021


Independent spectacle maker Cubitts has launched a new app in beta powered by its Heru technology to help consumers buy glasses that fit by scanning wearers faces.

Described as an exciting and revolutionary way to buy glasses, Heru solves the number one problem for spectacle wearers - finding frames that fit your unique face, explains Cubitts in a statement.

Built during lockdown, the Cubitts App scans the users face to sub-millimetre accuracy, and then with these measurements, it draws up a selection of recommended frames. The technology aims to take the hit-and-miss out of buying spectacles that fit by providing a level of accuracy previously only available in-store with its bespoke services.

The Cubitts’ app uses its own patent-pending Heru technology to measure the spectacle wearers face structure with sub-millimetre accuracy across 18 different points. These are taken horizontally and vertically, such as nose bridge, sphenoid, head width, temple width, angles of the nose, eye spacing.

Heru works with the TrueDepth camera (IOS X plus phones) to create a 3D model of the face with detailed optical measurements. More than 2000 scans have been made in developing Heru to date, with Cubitts stating that the more face shapes that are mapped, the more different frames will be developed in new collections.

Cubitts launches app that scans faces to find the perfect spectacles

Due to the accuracy of the scan, to fractions of a millimetre, Cubitts adds that it allows users to order perfectly fitting frames, complete with performance prescription lenses, including varifocals for the very first time.

By simulating how the frame sits on your face, it accurately estimates the pupillary distance, heights, pantoscopic tilt, and other crucial optical measurements - meaning you get the same experience as going to a high-end boutique optician, but from the comfort of home.

The app features a curated selection of 32 frame styles available in a range of sizes and multiple colourways, with prescription or tinted lenses. Spectacles cost from 125 pounds including single vision lenses and delivery.

Cubitts founder Tom Broughton said in a statement: “We all know our shoe size or waist size, but few know our spectacles size. This has led to a tyranny of poorly fitting and badly performing frames. Most frames only come in a single size, designed for the ‘average’ wearing, meaning large swathes can’t even get a frame that fits.

“We’re on a mission to solve sizing, democratise bespoke, and improve spectacle standards for everyone. Owning an impeccable fitting, beautiful quality pair of spectacles should be a right, not a privilege. And the launch of the Cubitts app and our Heru technology is the start of that journey, bringing a boutique experience in a time when people aren’t able to get to them.”

Currently, the Cubbits app is available by invite only, ahead of a full launch in September. The app is part of the brand’s ongoing investment and new iterations will be launched through 2021, including bespoke.

Images: courtesy of Cubitts