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Danish brand Just to take control of its currently outsourced web store

By Weixin Zha

8 Nov 2018


Danish womenswear label Just is taking up the reins of its online store, as the brand looks to bring its currently outsourced webstore back in-house.

The company’s e-commerce department has already begun the process of insourcing their webstore this month, and the process should be completed next summer, co-chief executive officer and creative director Penille Andersen said at the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection in Amsterdam on Thursday.

The label - previously known as Just Female - has been rebranding itself recently, with its name change and the insourcing of its web store looking to further help the process. In campaigns and on its label the brand started to refer to itself as Just, while on its website domain and on social media it will keep the name Just Female as a trademark. Just has about 550 points of sales worldwide, of which 80 are located in the United States and 50 in the United Kingdom.

The last season of bright colours

While the Spring/Summer 2019 Just collection came in a rich variety of bright hues - from pale yellow t-shirts to light purple wool jumpers and a flame red dress - its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection offers a taster of the label’s new ‘toned-down’ style.

“This season will be the last one with so many bright colours and prints,” Andersen said. “Things will become more grounded in the future. There will be a trend to slower living.”

The idea of taking a step back from the fast-paced world of modern technology and spending more time with nature is a theme that more labels will explore further through collaborations with outdoor brands, Andersen said.

Note: The last sentence was changed to state that more collaborations with outdoor brands will be observed. A sentence was added to clarify that Just Female will continue to be used as a trademark on the webshop and on social media.

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