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Diesel steps into petwear with collection for dogs

By Huw Hughes


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Italian brand Diesel has taken its first foray into petwear with the launch of a collection for dogs.

The aptly named Diesel Doggies collection features a selection of miniature mode for your four-legged friend, comprising denim jackets, coats and mini knitted sweaters.

So how much will the clothing for your pet set you back? The most pricey piece is a denim jacket with punk embroidery, which costs 150 dollars, while a dark blue jacket with flame motifs and a sweater with a camouflage pattern each cost 130 dollars. The cheapest piece in the collection is an 80 dollar sweater with Brave Wolf graphics.

Diesel joins a growing list of brands experimenting in the niche but growing market of pet fashion, including the likes of luxury labels Moncler and Moschino, as well as high street retailers like H&M, River Island and Primark.

Image: Diesel