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Dior collaborates with rapper IDK to outfit No Label Academy students

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Dior x No Label Academy Credits: LVMH

Dior, in collaboration with rapper Jason Mills (best known by his stage name IDK) is set to clothe twenty-five students engaged in the innovative No Label Academy. In a bid to democratize music education, the non-profit organization No Label has joined forces with rapper and producer IDK to establish an avant-garde program named No Label Academy at the Harvard School of Engineering and the Harvard Museum of Arts. The initiative aims to create a more accessible and inclusive educational landscape.

IDK emphasizes that the venture not only supplies distinct uniforms for No Label Academy students but also spotlights the presence of underrepresented communities within esteemed institutions like Harvard and Ivy League schools. This initiative seeks to break down barriers faced by individuals of colour when considering Ivy League education.

Kim Jones and IDK have collaborated to design uniforms, drawing inspiration from Harvard's iconic colours such as regal burgundy and navy blue. The creative process harmonises Dior's principles with IDK's artistic vision, LVMH said in a statement. The ensemble features a preppy aesthetic, including a sweatshirt, Sea Island cotton t-shirt, chino pants, and Dior Explorer moccasins embellished with CD Diamond or Dior Oblique motifs.

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