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Discover Elsewhere's refined flash winter collection: where luxury and sustainability come together

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Credits: Elsewhere

Elsewhere, known for its unique approach to fashion, earlier proudly unveiled its latest Flash collection for winter 2023. This sophisticated collection embodies the fusion of luxury materials and innovative design, reflecting Elsewhere's ongoing commitment to style and sustainability.

Innovative velvet

Within this collection, velvet is redefined with the ''Akaa Velvet Jacket'', a masterpiece that combines velvet and vegan. This item perfectly illustrates how Elsewhere transforms classic materials into modern must-haves. It exudes subtle luxury and offers a warm embrace against the winter chill. Pair it, for example, with the stylish velvet bermuda for a complete, coordinated look.

Tote bag

The Hedda Leather Tote Bag, carefully crafted from 100% leather. This bag is not only a fashion statement but the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

Credits: Elsewhere

Jersey comfort

Jersey, a signature element in Elsewhere's collection, is given added emphasis in the Flash collection. It offers the wearer comfort and flexibility without compromising on style. The versatility of jersey allows effortless switching between casual and formal looks.

Credits: Elsewhere

Handmade top

A standout feature of this collection is the handmade crochet top. A beautiful blend of cotton and acrylic, the Reghin Crochet Top illustrates Elsewhere's craftsmanship. This top adds a bohemian flair to the collection and highlights the attention to detail Elsewhere is known for.

Credits: Elsewhere

A thoughtful choice

In a world faced with environmental and social challenges, Elsewhere presents a capsule collection that is both limited and thoughtful. With just 36 styles, all in black, Elsewhere demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and style.

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