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Discover the beauty of Armenian art with Artuyt

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Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand.

Artuyt is an Armenian accessory brand whose mission is to share the beauty and richness of Armenian art with the world. Through our exquisitely crafted silk, wool, cashmere scarves, ties and pocket squares we bring to life the works of Armenian artists, from medieval times to modern abstractionism. Each piece is a masterpiece, taking two months to complete and featuring intricate details that showcase the talent and creativity of the artists. The brand is committed to promoting the cultural heritage of Armenia and making it accessible to a global audience. Whether one is an art enthusiast or simply appreciates beautiful design, Artuyt offers a unique opportunity to explore the history and artistry of Armenia.

Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand.

Artuyt silk, wool, cashmere scarves, ties and pocket squares are proudly made in Italy’ silk capital Como which is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The products are created by skilled artisans who use the finest materials and techniques to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality. Artuyt's commitment to promoting Armenian art and culture is evident in its partnerships with museums such as the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Sergei Parajanov Museum, Museums of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin, Ervand Kochar Museum, and Matenadaran.

Artuyt's silk scarves have become popular among many well-known figures, including Angela Merkel, Kim Kardashian, Arsine Khanjyan, Darya Sitorina, and the daughter of Italy's president. They have also been chosen as official gifts by the Armenian government, including the Prime Minister, President, and Catholicos of All Armenians.

Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand.

Artuyt has established a strong presence in various cities and international platforms around the world. With a reputation for quality and style, the brand has captured the attention of fashion-conscious consumers from Yerevan to Milan, Los Angeles to Almaty.

Artuyt's reach extends far beyond its ecommerce platform. The brand is also present in the international fashion scene, showcasing its designs on platforms such as Not Just a Label (NJAL), Faire, and Wolf&Badger.

Artuyt has been constantly participating in Milan Fashion Week for over the course of 5 years. During the Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Week, Emerging Talents Milan exclusively presented the “The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive'' documentary private preview and debut in Milan. “The Genius of Gianni Versace Alive” (2023) by Salvatore V. Zannino is the celebration of an iconic Italian fashion designer who empowered and embraced all he encountered. Ranging from Rock and Roll royalty of Elton John, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner & Madonna, who allowed them to express themselves and their style with his couture Milan designs, to models and actors he dressed on the red carpet.

Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand.

On that occasion, "The Genius of Gianni Versace Award" was launched and 9 of Emerging Talents brands created 9 looks/pieces as part of the contest. Exhibition "Omaggio a Gianni" was displayed at Palazzo Visconti from September 24 to 26. Tw brands won the award: JYK for clothing and Artuyt in accessory categories, by presenting a scarf from their new collection “Fairy Tales.”

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