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Discover your digital wholesale potential with JOOR

By Sponsor

1 Sept 2022


JOOR Wholesale Platform

Wholesale is the commercial lifeblood of any growing fashion brand. And powering global growth through wholesale requires significant time, investment, and resources. Digital wholesale has been a game-changer in helping brands maximise their cross-territory wholesale audience and sell digitally 24/7 from anywhere in the world, while reducing operational costs and delivering more efficient processes.

JOOR’s position as the world’s leading digital wholesale management ecosystem provides them a unique vantage point, the value of which is laid out in their latest white paper. This new exclusive research from their international brands and buyers offers convincing data-led insights into the savings and advantages of digitalising your wholesale channel.

When it comes to moving into new markets and facilitating discovery, 53 percent of brands said working with JOOR has increased their exposure to new retailer partners, while 61 percent of buyers said JOOR has increased their ability to discover new brands. Crucially, half of brands (50 percent) have seen an increase in the overall size of their wholesale business since joining JOOR.

JOOR’s sector-leading digital platform enables both brands and retailers to shop and sell with increased flexibility. Brands can extend their selling windows, while retailers are able to place their orders closer to the season, allowing for smarter wholesale management.

Seamless digital wholesale helps power business efficiencies. A convincing 71 percent of brands and 76 percent of retail buyers on JOOR confirmed that digital selling and buying respectively has improved their business efficiency. Underlining the operational benefits of working with JOOR, 40 percent of buyers cited a significant increase of more than 50 percent in efficiency.

Leading benefits which brands have experienced since starting with JOOR include an advanced, hybridized approach to selling, enhanced collection presentations via industry-leading Virtual Showrooms, and improved analytics and flexible reporting. A typical brand on JOOR has seen average efficiency increases of over 25 percent.

The new report underlines how JOOR’s innovative suite of features satisfies the needs of fashion businesses in all their various shapes and sizes. Plus, the findings spotlight how JOOR’s forward thinking suite of tools and services has helped its global client list of brands and retailers to not only grow their wholesale businesses but also streamline order management processes, foster new connections, and support their sustainability efforts. JOOR is the world’s leading wholesale management platform, with over 1.7Bn US-dollars in wholesale transactions processed every month. More than 13,400 brands and over 390,000 curated fashion retailers across 150 countries connect on the platform every day.

Click to discover to more and read the full JOOR report.

JOOR Wholesale Platform
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